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Roo Pouch Concealed Carry Gun Holster Gives You:


  • FAST Access to your Weapon when you need it!


  • Quick Drop Ammo Slot makes extra ammunition INSTANTLY available!  


  • This hidden compartment holds an extra magazine or speed loader.


  • Specialized padded fabric makes the Roo Pouch gun case holster surprisingly comfortable!

  • Low-profile design makes this a VERY inconspicuous gun holster.


  • Convenient Additional Pockets for Cell Phone, CCW card, money, driver license, credit cards and mean no more pocket bulges or sitting on your wallet!

  • Adjustable strap makes Roo Pouch suitable as a hip holster OR a modified shoulder holster.


  • Available in a variety of popular colors to suit your needs.

The Roo Pouch fits slide length 6 and 1/2 inches and grip length up to 5 and 1/2 inches.  Measure your gun as shown below.

Roo Pouch will hold GLOCK 19
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