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Dave retired from law enforcement as a special agent with the Department of Homeland Security.  He served a total of 30 years in law enforcement; 7 years in a local police department before moving over to federal service with the US Customs Service, which was melded into the Department of Homeland Security after 9-11.


Dave still carries because the call to serve and stand between citizens and bad guys is not a responsibility you can ever call 10-7 "out of service."


We all struggle to find a way to carry concealed in a reasonably comfortable way that provides immediate access to the firearm. The fact that there are countless types of holsters prove this point.  Additionally, there are few good ways to carry extra ammo.


So, upon retiring, Dave set out to solve these issues and his incredible Roo Pouch was born! 


  • The ROO POUCH was designed to provide off-duty law enforcement and the tactically thinking public with the most comfortable and convenient piece of gear made in the USA at the most reasonable cost possible.

  • The ROO POUCH is specially designed with padded fabric, which closely resembles a gun case.

  • The ROO POUCH was designed to provide immediate access to your firearm, as well as additional ammunition, cell phone, badge, money, ID cards, etc.

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