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ROO Pouch CCW Holster

The most COMFORTABLE, tactical concealed carry holster for small frame weapons!


3-in-1 Convenience

Innovative design provides 3 separate compartments in 1 very low profile pouch:


   1. Padded Weapon Pouch

   2. Quick-drop Extra Ammo

   3. Handy cell phone and ID

to Gun AND Ammo
to Gun AND Ammo
“Thank you for designing and creating the Roo Pouch.  I love mine.  After leaving the show, I went shopping at Costco.  It was nice to walk in without a blazer on, with my protection right at my side.
No one even noticed the pouch, as far as I could tell.  I am looking forward to wearing it in a lot of different places when I'm dressed casually.  I know this was a great purchase.”
- George | Fredericksburg, VA 
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